Chris Borchert
Chris Borchert

web developer

Hi there, I’m Chris.

I make cool things for the web with JavaScript.

I’m a freelance web developer based near Paris, France.

Since 2014, I’ve been building websites, applications, and tools for a variety of clients, and, sometimes, just for fun.

Current Role

JavaScript Developer

& Scrum Master

Renault Group

Since March 2019, I've been working with Renault as a fullstack JavaScript developer helping to create and maintain the various public platforms, services, and e-commerce sites.

I've been involved in the conception, creation, and maintenance of several frontend and backend projects, notably:

  • the React component system driven by a headless CMS (AEM)
  • e-commerce sites facilitating the selection, financing, and purchace of a new vehicle and accessories
  • a platform guiding users through the process of dropping off their car at a garage for servicing
  • several multi-step forms allowing the client to request services, reserve a trial, get a quote, or order accessories for their vehicle

In January 2022, I took on the additional role of scrum master for a small team of front- and backend developers, and product owners.

I currently split my time between several responsibilities, including:

  • developing features
  • reviewing code
  • addressing impediments to the work
  • coaching and onboarding colleagues
  • facilitating communication between the team and the product owners
  • organizing the various meetings and ceremonies of the team
  • and ensuring the quarterly delivery schedule (following the SAFE framework)

On a daily basis, I communicate in French and English and use a variety of technologies such as server-rendered React, Redux, Flow (for types), Node, React Testing Library (and, formerly, Enzyme), SCSS, and AEM.

Preferred Stack:

  • Typescript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Jest
  • React Testing Library
  • SCSS
  • NodeJS
  • NextJS

Featured Work


Renault New Car Inventory

A public platform allowing users to search for and purchase a new vehicle from a Renault dealership. The user is able to filter based on several criteria such as location, price, color, brand, model, and fuel type. The user can then customize the vehicle, simulate a financing offer, and reserve the vehicle by making a payment.

  • react
  • redux
  • flow
  • scss
  • node
  • aem
  • aws


Digital Pride Fest

During the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Pride Fest offered a remote digital experience allowing people around the world to interact with their favorite drag queens in real time from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The final product included real-time chat and video, a ticketing and tipping system with payments processed through Stripe, a site for the performers to broadcast from, and an admin panel to manage the various shows and tickets.

  • react
  • next
  • node
  • mongodb
  • mux
  • stripe
  • websockets


Hyperloop One Routes Calculator

A highly interactive, animated calculator app created for Virgin's Hyperloop One which helped users estimate how long a ride in the hyperloop would take compared to train, plain or automoble. User's could also create and download a pdf of their results.

  • react
  • svg
  • phantomjs
  • aws
  • node



A static site generator (SSG) available on npm which focused on ease of development, simplicity of structure, and speed of delivery. It took in markdown and svelte, and output static html with partially hydrated pages.

  • svelte
  • rollup
  • remark
  • node


Axel's Adventure

A personal project made for the birthday of a coworker. Full of inside jokes, this sidescrolling game allowed me to work with technologies I normally wouldn't in my day job.

  • js
  • pixi


Game Boy Gift

For my brother's birthday, I simulated a functioning Game Boy and a part of the game A Link To the Past with css and js. When you put in the appropriate code, it gives you a birthday gift. Special attention was given to the sound and visuals to maximize the nostalgia.

  • js
  • react
  • scss
  • howler

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