Hi. I'm Chris Borchert.

I'm a web developer and modern Javascript enthusiast.

I help my clients create beautiful, functional, and reliable web experiences using modern technologies.

I specialize in front-end web development using React/Redux, HTML5, Sass, Javascript/ES6+, and Canvas (PIXI.js is pretty great, too), but I know my way around the backend including node.js, MySQL and PHP. I generally use webpack and gulp to package my projects, and git to version them.

While my passion is building bespoke applications from scratch, I’ve built dozens of sites, plugins, and themes using popular CMSs such as Wordpress, Drupal, Grav, and GatsbyJS (which I'm using for this site).

I’m a native English speaker et je me débrouille plutôt bien en français.

I'm also available to work on your project. Drop me a line.